Golden Chai Electuary

Golden Chai Electuary

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Electuary - A medicinal, powdered substance mixed with honey.

Stir your Chai Electuary, and if you can refrain from eating it straight from the spoon, warm a cup of milk in a pot with 1-2 tsps. Simmer gently for 5 minutes. Pour into your favourite mug and enjoy the spicy turmeric, ginger and pepper flavours mingling with the sweet and earthy astragalus and camu camu.

Enjoy a moment of blissfulness. 

Lovingly created with herbs to provide nutritional support. 

Our Golden Chai Electuary is intentionally blended with high vitamin herbs and spices.

Astralagus* - For immune supports and anti inflammatory

Ceylon Cinnamon * - Sweet and spicy. Can stabilize fee radicals, which, if allowed to build up, can cause inflammation.

Turmeric* - Anti inflammatory powerhouse.

Ginger* - Gut loving spice, helping digestion all day every day.

Black Pepper* - A vehicle for the turmeric and aids in digestion.

Cloves* - Chock full of antioxidants for fighting free radicals.

Fennel Seed* - Heavy on the manganese to ignite enzymes, metabolism and cellular protection.

Camu Camu* - Super high in Vitamin C

Rosehips * - Vitamin C potent

Honey - Local from the Annapolis Valley, NS


A teaspoon of this rich, nutrient dense cacao honey will leave you in a dream like state whether you spread it on your toast, melt it into your coffee or spoon it straight from jar to mouth.

Content weight is 9oz